I uploaded the instruction and sample for the work please follow the exact guideline.
Research Proposal
The Rhetorical Situation
In order for argument to occur, there must first be an “issue,” which simply means an unsettled question that matters to a community. This semester you’ll be conducting research on an issue that you select, and since you’ll be reading and writing extensively on this issue throughout the term, it’s essential that you choose one that truly interests you. As you consider potential issues, you may want to do some background reading to ensure that you are truly interested in the issue and that you can find enough sources to support sustained research. Please note: all the major assignments in this course build on one another, so once you select an issue, you may not change it.
For this paper, you will take stock of what you already know about the issue you select, organize and develop your thoughts, and sketch a plan for your research. Your audience will be your classmates and me.
Invention (i.e., discovering what you’re going to say in this paper)
1. You must first make sure the issue you’ve selected an argument.
2. Your classmates and I will want to know more about the issue and your relationship to it, so brainstorm/freewrite/draft answers to the following questions:
· How would you introduce this issue to an audience who knows nothing about it?
· What do you know about the issue already?
· How did you acquire your knowledge about the issue?
· Why do you find this issue compelling?
3. Your classmates and I will also be interested in what you don’t know (or are at least unsure about) regarding the issue. Brainstorm/freewrite/draft answers to the following questions:
· What are the main questions you want to pursue/answer over the course of the semester? (Obviously these questions may change as you learn/think more about the issue.)
· How would you answer these questions right now and why? (Your answers may change significantly as you research the issue.)
· What more do you need to learn about the issue, and where might you go to find more information?
4. Finally, your classmates and I will be curious to know what audiences you have in mind as you look ahead to future assignments. Brainstorm/freewrite/draft answers to the following questions:
· What audiences would be interested in your ideas on the issue?
· What types of scholars, stakeholders, decisions makers, and pundits are interested in/affected by the issue?
· What sorts of people are likely to be your opponents? Your allies?
Arrangement (i.e., organizing what you’re going to say in this paper)
You’ll want to organize your paper in the manner you think will prove most effective with your classmates and me, but here are some general guidelines:
· Page 1- Context. What is the argument about. Do not assume that the audience is necessarily the same people in which you are writing about. The first page will have a minimum of two paragraphs. Please do not attempt to write a full page paragraph. Your second paragraph will have your thesis.
· page 2- you will need to use tight and concise writing. The space you have left is limited! You will need to address your AUDIENCE, NAYSAYER, and CONCLUSION.
Style (i.e., choosing the appropriate language for your paper)
One reason I’m asking you to write to your classmates, and I, is to break you of the habit of writing all your papers to some vague, generalized audience and/or attempting to make all your papers approximate some objective ideal. YOUR AUDIENCE WILL NEVER BE: EVERYONE OR ALL AMERICANS. This is not an Audience, this is a rhetorical strategy that is effective at being divisive. Lastly, it does not add to your Ethos ass a writer. If you approach this paper in that way, your style will be ineffective because it won’t be tailored to your specific audience. When reading your paper, it should be obvious to your classmates and me that you’re writing to us specifically.
All readers appreciate coherent, unified paragraphs, so your paragraphs should include a topic sentence that clearly states the main idea of the paragraph and supporting sentences that cluster around the main idea without detours.
Proofread carefully; avoid errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and mechanics.
Other Requirements
Your paper should be 2 pages—anything shorter or longer will be considered a failure to adhere to one of the assignment’s basic requirements. It should be double-spaced, typed in Times New Roman font, with 12-point character size and one-inch margins all the way around.
Final drat due 9/26 EOD
Evaluation Criteria
Final Draft:
· Includes a snappy title that catches the reader’s attention and indicates the topic and argument.
· Identifies an arguable/contestable issue appropriate to the assignment.
· Indicates that the essay responds to the conversation about that issue.
· Includes a contestable, specific, detailed claim about why the issue is appropriate for a semester of sustained research.
· Provides well-developed reasons about your relationship to the issue (what you know, what you don’t know, what audiences you are considering, and how you will find the information you need) that support the claim.
· Answers the “so what” and “who cares” question by explaining why the research topic is significant and to whom.
· Supports reasons with thoughtful, well-developed examples anecdotes, ideas, and questions.
· Comes across as a credible writer, and appeals to the values and emotions of the audience.
· Develops a seamless, coherent, and well-organized argument.
· Sentences are lively, engaging, and relatively error free.
· If outside sources are used, they are used effectively and integrated smoothly to help substantiate or support points.
· If outside sources are used, there is proper attribution to each source cited via in-text parenthetical citation and a correctly formatted Works Cited page.
· Essay is 4 pages in MLA Style (Works Cited necessary if outside sources are used) in 12pt. Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins.
Writing Process:
· Submitted complete drafts on time. Drafting process shows evidence of revision of content and style.
· Provided adequate help to peers during peer review.
Verma 2
Abhishek Verma
Professor Woods
English 1302-81709
19 September 2021
How Inadequate Labor Laws affect American Domestic Workers
Centre for American Progress. Domestic Workers Lack Protections. Updated Jun 17, 2011. https://www.americanprogress.org/issues/general/news/2011/06/17/9712/idea-of-the-day-domestic-workers-lack-protections/
The plight of American domestic workers continues to be seen as dire. This aspect is because the country has yet to enact legislation protecting them from exploitation by hiring agencies. An article by the Center for American Progress highlights that despite almost 2.5 million people working in the country as domestic workers, most of them still face challenges such as sexual harassment, racial oppression, and economic exploitation. These troubles are further aggravated because federal and state protection laws have omitted those legislations that would have safeguarded them from their plights. The article’s sentiment is quite true because we continue to witness cases of most of the domestic workers coming up to talk about the horrors that they face while in the line of employment. The worst part is that most of these workers are immigrants and are rarely aware of the actions to take should they encounter difficult situations, such as exploitation.
Falconer, Rebecca, and Kelly, Annie. The global plight of domestic workers: few rights, little freedom, frequent abuse. The Guardian Mar 17, 2015.https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2015/mar/17/global-plight-domestic-workers-labour-rights-little-freedom-abuse
With about 15 million employees, domestic workers make up a big industry that should be valued. However, Falconer and Kelly, through an opinion editorial in The Guardian Magazine, highlights that many countries in the world, including the United States, have failed to safeguard the rights of these workers. Without proper legislation guiding how they should be paid; many employers exploit or underpay them. This exploitation is majorly attributed to the fact that the nature of their job is not highly exposed because they work indoors. The article further highlights that with most of these workers coming from other countries or poor neighborhoods, many do not know about their rights and how they should be treated. This aspect has led to them having to endure a difficult working environment because of legislation loopholes. The sentiments of this article are true based on some testimonies we have had from some of the domestic workers in the United States of America. Through the film Home Economics: Domestic workers and Labor, we see how some of the interviewed former nannies explain the horrible conditions they were made to undergo by their employers. This aspect of mistreatment because of legislation loopholes should be discussed and treated with utmost urgency.
Poo, Ai-Jen and Gearhart, Dawn. “Domestic workers have long been underpaid an unappreciated. It’s time we give them what they deserve.” CNN Business Jun 17, 2021.https://edition.cnn.com/2021/06/17/perspectives/domestic-workers-benefits-protections/index.html
Many domestic workers in the United States of America have been underpaid for a long time now. In their opinion, editorial article in the CNN Business, Poo and Gearhart highlight that there have existed legislation loopholes to safeguard the plight of the domestic workers. For over a decade, the domestic workers’ movement has struggled to improve cleaners, kindergartens, and caregivers. They highlight it was only in 2010 when we first had the domestic workers’ bill of rights being passed by the state of New York. Presently, only ten states and two municipalities of Philadelphia and Seattle have followed suit with these legislations. Some of the legislation covered in the bill includes protection from discrimination and the right to be paid for overtime work. I agree with the article’s sentiments regarding why other states should follow suit with the enactment of the domestic worker’s bill of rights. Many of the people working domestic jobs are usually immigrants, and the employers may take that as an advantage to underpay them. This aspect calls for stricter laws both at federal and state levels to see that employers do not take advantage of these essential people within the labor force.
Wolfe, Julia, Kandra, Jori, Engdahl, Lora and Shierholz, Heidi. “Domestic workers chartbook: A comprehensive look at the demographics, wages, benefits, and poverty rates of the professionals who care for our family members and clean our homes.” Economic Policy Institute May 14, 2020. https://www.epi.org/publication/domestic-workers-chartbook-a-comprehensive-look-at-the-demographics-wages-benefits-and-poverty-rates-of-the-professionals-who-care-for-our-family-members-and-clean-our-homes/
Inadequate labor laws have led to many domestic workers in the United States of America not fulfilling most of their economic obligations. Because of the massive exploitation, they continue to face inadequate labor laws, and most domestic workers are usually vulnerable economically. Julia Wolfe et al. give some statistics on the socio-economic state of these individuals. For example, the median pay for domestic workers is $12.01 per hour compared to other workers who get $19.97 per hour. Second, the employer’s retirement plan covers fewer than one domestic worker. Third, only one in five receive health coverage from their employer. Fourthly, domestic workers are three times as likely to be in poverty and almost three times as likely to lack enough income to make ends meet. I agree with the statistics, which calls for the need to have adequate labor laws to safeguard domestic workers from economic exploitations. For example, we have legislation that calls for mandatory health and retirement plan coverage from employers to domestic workers.
Yaw, Claudia. Domestic Workers Bill of Rights’ measures introduced in Legislature. Seattle Times Jan 28, 2020. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/domestic-workers-bill-of-rights-measures-introduced-in-legislature/
There is an urgent need for domestic workers’ bill of rights to be enacted across all state and federal jurisdictions. Through an opinion editorial at The Seattle Times, Claudia Yaw highlights that for many years now, the plight of domestic workers in the United States of America has not been taken into consideration. This aspect has been highlighted by gaps in existing labor laws that exclude some domestic workers from, for example, a minimum hourly wage. She highlights it is only now that lawmakers are clamoring to make legislations that protect domestic workers, such as mandatory written agreements between workers and their employers and employers being prohibited from threatening workers. The article highlights one reason this legislation needs to be enacted urgently was a confession by a domestic worker from Vancouver, Washington, who said that her employer once asked her to perform house duties while naked when his wife was away. I agree with this article because its sentiments are a perfect reason: inadequate labor laws have affected American domestic workers negatively. It has shown some atrocities that most of these individuals must undergo in their quest to find economic fulfillment. Therefore, it is prime time we see serious legislation changes that protect and inform domestic workers of their rights.

Sample 1
Student’s Name
Ms. Woods
ENGL 1302
Due date of the assignment
Your Final Title
As always, this paper will be typed in MLA format. We hit enter only once after our MLA header and then once after our title; we then begin to type. What goes into thesis paragraph? What can you say that will spark interest of your reader early on- what is your hook? Then you will write a lead in, give us a taste of your topic. Next, it would be wise that you introduce your source; their name and their work. Following their introduction, what is their claim they are making about. Afterwards you will give your I statement, and then also tell your reader where you intend to take the reader with your research. Lastly, this paragraph should not exceed eight sentences, if it does then you should edit this paragraph down to eight sentences.
We begin with the historical perspective because this demonstrates how far back your argument goes, and where it originated from. For example, if I am writing on the Opioid Epidemic I may want to start with the War on Drugs which would be under the Regan Administration in the 1980’s. How did this argument inform an entire nation that it was acceptable to go to war on poor communities, communities of color, and all those caught in between those realities? How does this show a historical perspective? Without this initial narrative forming in the 1980’s we would not know the ways we are trying to unpack all the harm it did when it comes to stigmatizing people, lack of understanding those who suffer from addiction, and lack of empathy for families who suffer from addiction.
Once you are done, you will need a transitory paragraph. How did the historical perspective inform your claim and how does the author that you mentioned in your historical perspective give insight to your next paragraph?
Remember to indent each paragraph. The social delves into looking at society views this demographic? Such as stigma, wealth, poverty, race, or disability. How do Americans look at people with addictions, or their families who are touched by addiction?
Transitory paragraph.
The Personal is always Political.
Finally, you will look at the political climate surrounding your issue. Is government over reaching? Are people arguing in the political sphere on how who should love, who should marry, what should you ware, what jobs can you have, what children you can adopt, or where you can live. All encompass the political sphere. Note, there are two spheres public vs private these two ideals will always be in contestation with another.
Transitory paragraph.
Counter argument-
Here you will pick up your naysayer. Read over, HOW TO PLANT A NAYSAYER from your THEY SAY I SAY chapter. This will also be a paragraph.
Your final paragraph is your conclusion. You should summarize your original claim in a different way. You should also mention how this topic affects the American Dream. Do not introduce new information or new scholarship in this paragraph- you are done! Wrap it up with finesse and strong active verbs. Make this paragraph stellar.

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