Develop the following, please see attachments for detailed instructions: 
Complete a 1 page summary     
SWOT analysis of your organization.
1 page plan ….moving forward over the next 3, 6, and 12 months.
No plagarism
APA citing
Week 8 Discussion 2:

Assignment :
The Progressive Case Study 
The Green Organization has been very impressed with your work as a Performance Consultant. The CEO emeritus and current CEO both tell you they really appreciate your work this past year and the care you provided to their “family” business. They have made several warm referrals to their corporate friends that if worked well will expand your consulting firm exponentially. Excellent work.
It is time to complete your own evaluation of your firm’s performance. Part of being an excellent consultant is being able to identify what is working and what is not. Identify the areas that worked and those that will benefit from improvement. Address what will be done to make the necessary and desired changes to improve your firm’s performance.
Consider this:
· After receiving the feedback from the class with any adjustments – “See attachments.
the final Summary and Presentation from Week 7 “See attachments”
Complete a 1 page summary
of your consulting firm’s performance
· Describe how you are assessing
· Describe how you are evaluating.
· Please include the
SWOT analysis of your organization.
· Develop a
1 page plan as to performance improvement
of the consulting form moving forward over the next 3, 6, and 12 months.
· No plagarism
· APA citing
The Green Organization Executive Leadership Consulting Summary
Desmond Graham
Grantham University
This PowerPoint shall provide a reliable understanding of the Green Organization Executive Leadership organization’s mandate
The consulting activities facilitated reliable development based on the research procedure
Research offered in-depth connection to the organization’s mandate
Understanding the organizational actions offers reliable ideas for changes
There was proper knowledge improvement in the organization’s activities due to research to identify internal organizational issues (Cerruti et al., 2019). Analysis of areas where employees had been in conflict provided reliable consultation of the organization’s operations.
Research on the Organizational Area
Application of core competency assessment
This determined level of expertise that different employees displayed
Benchmarking offered in-depth assessment of reasons causing employee turnover
There was a reliable method of handling process developments as diverse time periods got analyzed for their robustness
Application of the tools allowed development of a criteria to facilitate change in the entire company. Using this method, it was possible to generate an in-depth guidance process for the consultancy needs.
Effective Development Procedures
Communication with the EL (executive leadership) team facilitated internal organization understanding
Assessment of expected outcomes and capabilities allowed full knowledge improvement
Data collection offered a reliable employee assessment action that created ideas for change
Areas with worse problems got identified to offer a reliable training manual development process
It was possible to interact with staff members and offer them a reliable consultation process. In this way, it was possible to facilitate guided change in the entire organization. After finding out areas that had worse issues, there was a focus on eliminating such issues using proper training directions.
Effective Development Procedures
Data collection allowed recording of different areas in the organization where there were operational activities
It was possible to facilitate change improvement and management for productive actions
Using a step by step recorded training process facilitated management of the entire consultancy process
Employees that created problems and did not connect to organizational requirements were then required to engage with the training to ensure access of better productive behaviors (Rodriguez & Walters, 2017). It is evident that data collection offers reliable training improvement.
Effective Development Procedures
Application of hands-on training offered reliable improvement in employee expertise
There was an in-depth performance enhancement procedure
The training method created mentoring and coaching that are productive methods of handling change requirements
It was possible to tailor the training process in conjunction with the type of actions in the environment (Gnepp et al., 2020). In this way, there was a productive performance management process that did not impact negatively on stakeholders’ expectations.
Feedback and Recommendations
The 12 month period chosen for the consultancy procedure generate a reliable training process
It was possible to integrate support for the entire learning environment after promoting accessibility to diverse developmental processes
The suitable recommendation is to enhance the training process to involve more knowledge concerning the work environment
The consulting team should perform frequent assessment to determine adherence to the training procedure
Improvement of the organizational environment would be possible after adopting a productive performance enhancement procedure. The technique shall facilitate a reliable background to ensure better outcomes and increase in expertise for the entire work environment.
The consultation team shall gain better outcomes after implementing recommendations
It is evident that using a reliable data collection process offers effective communication in the entire work are
The consultation process has thus created a productive work environment
All training processes connect with the mandate of the consultation team. It is evident that after gaining knowledge of operating the entire work environment, productive outcomes would get assessed.
Cerruti, C., Tavoletti, E., & Grieco, C. (2019). “Management consulting: a review of fifty years of scholarly research,” Management Research Review, Emerald Group Publishing, 42(8), pages 902-925.
Gnepp, J., Klayman, J., Williamson, I. O., & Barlas, S. (2020). The future of feedback: Motivating performance improvement through future-focused feedback. PloS one, 15(6), e0234444.
Rodriguez, J. & Walters, K. (2017). The Importance of Training and Development in Employee Performance and Evaluation. World Wide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development, 3(10), 2016-212.
Desmond – Week 7 Discussion – Executive Summary/PowerPoint 
Top of Form
The Green Organization Executive Leadership Consulting Summary
Accomplished Outcomes
After assessing the week’s requirements, it was evident that there is a strong connection between training and development and consultancy operations. Engagement with the Green Organization Executive Leadership organization offers a reliable method of enhancing productive outcomes. There is a strong possibility of determining what the EL requires after performing consultation and acquiring valid data. The 12-month period for consultation offered an in-depth data collection procedure which collaborated with all organizational development procedures. Improvement of organizational outcomes would facilitate reliable activities after generating productive organizational environment. At any moment that consultation activities generate knowledge access, it is possible to facilitate actionable outcomes for maximum productivity.  
Collaboration with the Executive Leadership team provided effective knowledge concerning the productive attainment of knowledge in the entire organization environment. After promoting access to different employee issues, it was possible to find out productive methods for data collection and using it to solve any challenging issues. Analysis of productive outcomes in the entire training development process offered dependable method of facilitating changes that the training program required (Rodriguez & Walters, 2017). Application of frequent consultation services twice per week offered a reliable understanding on how to generate reliable employee training. The consultation team selected a person conversant with training development processes and it was easy to generate service developments in the entire organizational department.  
Assessment Tools Used
These were a core competency assessment and benchmarking processes that facilitate in-depth research and development. Using the competency assessment process offered a reliable technique of generating productive outcomes for employees’ activities (Cerruti et al., 2019). In all these ways, there was reliability when determining which training technique would offer positive outcomes. Using the benchmarking technique allowed knowledge improvement in relation to the organizational development practices. In all these ways, there was a productive outcome after all tools got used to determine robust activities. The consulting team was able to integrate its vast expertise in handling required developmental activities. In this way, constant improvement in the expertise of the entire organization was possible and created a reliable leadership cohesion procedure.
Assessment Tools Effectiveness
There is high standard development in organizational expertise due to reliability when handling training needs. Using diverse tools has a strong possibility to generate performance enhancement after creating training directions based on the organizational requirements. Both techniques mentioned above promote robust outcomes due to availability of the identification of data related to employees’ activities. In all these ways, there was a dependable method of recording previous problems and their valid improvements. Improvement of mentoring activities promote valid action development actions after promoting accessibility to expertise that all employees possessed before.
Feedback and Recommendations
The process of collecting feedback can generate a reliable organizational environment without impacting negatively on employees’ behaviors. After implementing changes, feedback collection would involve assessment of the work environment to determine how the employees collaborated with training processes (Gnepp et al., 2020). It would be possible to facilitate cohesive analysis of productive work actions that create better behaviors. In this way, there would be robust behaviors among all employees who receive the training.
Cerruti, C., Tavoletti, E., & Grieco, C. (2019). “Management consulting: a review of fifty years of scholarly research,” Management Research Review, Emerald Group Publishing, 42(8), pages 902-925.
Gnepp, J., Klayman, J., Williamson, I. O., & Barlas, S. (2020). The future of feedback: Motivating performance improvement through future-focused feedback. PloS one, 15(6), e0234444.
Rodriguez, J. & Walters, K. (2017). The Importance of Training and Development in Employee Performance and Evaluation. World Wide Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development, 3(10), 2016-212.
Bottom of Form
Feedback from the Colleague
1st Colleague – Stephen Jarman 
RE: Week 7 Discussion – Executive Summary/PowerPoint
Top of Form
Hi Desmond,
I read your main thread post as an Executive Summary then I reviewed your presentation. Afterward, I wanted to understand your last paragraph further so I looked up the cited work by Gnepp, Klayman, Williamson, & Barlas “The future of feedback: Motivating performance improvement through future-focused feedback.” You may wish to include in your recommendations their findings from three studies, which I find both reassuring and highly useful for my own application. On page 16 in the paper, the authors state “The strongest predictor of feedback effectiveness is the recipient’s perception that the feedback conversation focused on plans for the future rather than analysis of the past”  This was the first statement in the section titled “Future focus, attributions, favorability, and the effectiveness of feedback” and provides us with a platform for challenging client’s who may still be using a past-focused performance evaluation process. In our assignment this week, this would also be applicable to the case study where there are insufficient and inadequate criteria and indicators. The application of future-based conversations that measure the number of those types of conversations versus traditional past-performance evaluations. According to the findings in the study, that was a strong predictor of feedback effectiveness. 
Very good post. Wishing you a great week!
Gnepp, J., Klayman, J., Williamson, I. O., & Barlas, S. (2020, June 19). The future of feedback: Motivating Performance Improvement Through Future-focused feedback. PloS one. Retrieved September 26, 2021, from
2nd Colleague – Susan Christmas 
RE: Week 7 Discussion – Executive Summary/PowerPoint
Top of Form
Hello Dee, your PowerPoint presentation is quite impressive, great job! In your final paragraph in your discussion thread, regarding feedback and recommendations, I am particularly in agreeance with your statement about assessing the work environment after the training changes have been implemented. I have seen organizations implement changes in their training, but never follow up to see how effective the changes have been. In those scenarios, the implementation of the new training program is often a waste of time and money because it does not get followed through until completion.  
Bottom of Form
Bottom of Form

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